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I apologize for having to put my bad references in front of the good ones, but after having to add 4 bad traders in less then a year(2 in the terrible catagory), I feel that other traders, and even the bad ones who think they can rip me off again, need to know who not to trade with before they conduct their own buisness any further.

Amanda Rogers---Rookiecardcollector9-
Sent out one month AFTER we had made our trade and told me they were in the mail when I had enquired 2 weeks after the trade was made. To boot, cards arrived in a unpadded, non bubbled mailer. Trade at your own discretion.

Logan Kinkella---Detroitnative-Sent out one month After deal had been made. Took me 3 Private Messages/Emails to get a response so not very communicative. Trade at your own discretion

Mike (Max) Harris---MichiganMax-Trade made on January 18, 2011. His end shipped out on March 5, 2011 in 2 seperate packages. Received first package on March 24, 2011, received second package on April 7, 2011. Every card sent had some kind of flaw or damage to it, some were not even in penny sleeves. I even went so far as to trade in the guy's favor. Trade at your own discretion, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I had to add my first  bad trader on September 14, 2008(Which ultimately got removed). A sad day in the trade community as I went 215 trades till I had to do this. If you want to make this right, and have your name removed from here, DO THE RIGHT THING AND SEND YOUR END OR REASONABLE COMPINSATION. You are commiting internet fraud here when you do not send your end of the bargin and I dont think you want to know the end result.

Artyom Lyashenko---Gretzkyfan(Added September 13 2009)- Trade was made June 24, 2009. Under SCF Rules, anyone under 20 feedback has to send first. As of date added, have not seen anything. Trader is based in Russia, so I should have stuck with my own rules of not trading overseas.

John Kelly---JohnnyBlazeNJ(Added February 14 2010)- Trade was made on January 5 2010 and for 2 Football JSYS to me in exchange for a Ovechkin and Jagr JSY as well as a Malkin #ed card. To date of adding, have not seen my end. This guy is a thief as I have heard from 4 others who have not received their end in a lot longer time then me.

TERRIBLE TRADERS(Would not wish anyone to deal with the people listed here.)
Bryce Edie---Holymakinaw-(Added September 13, 2009)
First trade went smoothly. Second trade has not gone so well. Trade was made July 28, 2009. Trader had less then 20 feedback when we made our second trade, so I gave the benefit of the doubt and sent at the same time he was supposed to send out. Stupid me. Have not seen my end and have been told by him he has received his end.
November 25th, 2009 Update: His ban from SCF has been lifted, and he has asked me to give him good feedback, despite the fact he has ripped me, and about 4 others off. GET A CLUE MORON

Ryan Hitchings---RLewisH(Added January 28, 2010)- Trade was made December 19, 2009. I sent out December 21, and get a PM saying he wont send until January 1st(Post offices arent open on New Years). Get another PM on January 9, not to say that he sent, but to say he would send out 2 days later, on top of allready being late. To date of adding, he has still NOT sent and has given me yet another excuse as to why he hasnt shipped yet. Trade with at your own discretion, but dont hold your breath hoping for a return. February 10, 2010 update: Had to threaten him with Internet Fraud charges, but according to him(with no DC to prove it), he says the package is in the mail. While he was short ending me, he was able to complete all his other trades, and even made a sale. THIS GUY IS A SCAMMER AND A BAD SEED FOR THE HOBBY. 

Kalen Beebe---Chipchura01(Added May 8, 2014)- Actually made 1 sucessful trade with this individual before we made 2 more trades, which have so far not been sucessful. Trade 1 was made on March 25 and trade 2 was made on April 8. While he may have had legit excuses as to why he hasnt sent, the fact is he hasnt sent, and even had 12 other trades in dispute before I put those 2 in as well. If trade 1 didnt have a Bv of over $80, Im sure I would have just placed this in the Bad Trader department. 

Members from Beckett,Canadian Sports Card Traders, Backyard Rink Hockey Card Trading Group, Sports Card Forum and Ebay

All those listed here are just a portion of the references I can name. I have made so many deals that it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the names of the people I have traded with. If there are any doubts to my credentials, let me know and I can send you the email addy to some of these good traders.

Wes Anderson---Wacards
Olivier Anglehart---Oha44_6
Jacques Archambault---Japold
Harv Arychuk---Viperfan(3 Times)
Eric Audet---Turgeon77(2 Times)
Ken Baceda---Baceda19(2 Times)
Tim Bachert---Palladius
Don Baker---DBaker
Lee Banks---LeeB
Morgan Barnes---Elwayfan19(2 Times)
Larry Barto---Otrabl(6 Times)
Jean Marie Beland---Loup66
Thomas Benedetto---Tntcardz(7 Times)
Jarrod Beztilny---Jbeztilny(3 Times)
Adam Blank---Grandmastablank(13 Times In Person)
Katty Boisclair---Kboisclair(4 Times)
Pete Boone---Piper1(2 Times)
Tyler Brenton---Dallas09(2 Times)
Pierre Andre Brisson---Frenchcanadian2
Gregg Brown---Mufc
Sarah/Evan Brown---Sferguson83
Steve Brydon---Knob1966(2 Times)
Joshua Bullock---Thejoshmanrules
Paul Burgess---Hockbrd(4 Times)
Tom Buschmann---Buschmann(2 Times)
Brad Butchard---Bbutchard
Randy Butler---Zeus3007
Chris Byram---Aries1976ca
Marc Capelo---Mpc2023
Walter Carlson---Carlsonw
Mark Casale---Castler0ck
Francois Cayer---Ithor(7 Times)
Matthew Cheung---Thecrosby
Frederic Clermont---Probus
Pierre-Yves Cloutier---Cartesdehockey(6 Times)
Aaron Collmer---Tarponman2(2 Times)
Andrew Connors---Andrewconnors9
Shawn Cook---Spidereyguy(2 Times)
Lawrence Cosia---Bck49
Patrice Cote---Pacadie
Normand Cote---Normcote
Blaine Creelman---Bdcreelman
Joe Cruitt---JoeC(3 Times)
Brad Crocker---Game8(4 Times)
Robert Current---Njdevilsfan_30(3 Times)
Mike Dalrymple---Avalanche2006
Ryland Declercq---Wildhockey(3 Times)
Rick DeCosta---Mro2020
Dany Desbiens---Dan396454(2 Times)
Bud Desnoyer---Gottalovepistons
Carl Ducasse---Carl.d
Gabriel Duchesneau---Gduchp
Travis Edwards---Fly4apuckguy
David Everson---Davescards
Greg Felber---Gfel2795
Martin Ferron---Martinosferron12
Gino Fillion---Gfillion
Jason Filipiak---Redwing7(7 Times)
Jeff Frank---Jfrank(In Person 5 Times)
John Franks---JFranks
Jeff Fries---Freezinator
Wayne Forbes---Waf
Sean Furto---Seafur(5 Times)
Chad Gardner---Gardzy99(3 Times)
Pascal Garneau---PGNY74
Cameron Gates---Zigzagwhites(2 Times)
Daniel Gaudet---Diapergravy52(2 Times)
Nik Goel---Tragicallynik
Michel Gonthier---Ouin-ouin(5 Times)
Dan Gorne---Dgorne(2 Times In Person)
Hockey Grail Sports Cards(2 Times)
Jamie Grant---Jgrant
George Grover---G.grover(5 Times)
Tony Guerrero---Zf28
Tricia Hall---Leafschik1967
Ralph Hartlen---Hartlen(3 Times)
Jonathan Hathaway---Tigersfan39(3 Times)
Rene Hatlas---Rene73
Leighton Hayden---16leafs16
David Hesselmeyer---Ffemt840
Greg Hudson---Greg2424(2 Times)
Sean Hughson---Leafs4_cup
Henry Hwu---Ovechkinlover999
Travis Hyde---Thyde012
Brette Irvine---Brettephillyfan
John Jacquemain---Penetang88
Marc Jette---Thepark
Alexander Kaluzhski---Grandits
Ranbir Kang---Ranbirkang
Ken Keast---Motorhead(3 Times)
Andy Keenan---Amsfan
Chris Khan---Bluejacket01(3 Times)
Richard Kurnat---Go_wings13
Serge LaBrie---Trader555(2 Times)
Marc Lachance---Marcl
Frank Langenecker---Antinec
Martin Langlois---Thenurse
Gerry Ledoux---Gerryl
Jake Lester---Jagrnyr68(2 Times)
Chris Lewis---Cclewis(3 Times)
Greg Lucio---Gregory2f
Shane Lumley---Quadfather88
Ian Mackinnon---Nroadrunner
John Mackinnon---Johnniemac(2 Times)
Andre Madaire---Gatineaud(8 Times)
Chris Maiato---Katoy2j
David Maksymyshyn---Dmaksymyshyn
Cliff Malzensky---Mozes02
Omar Manji---Ommmzzz
Nathan Manship---Manship(2 Times)
Cathy Marlatt---CMarlatt(3 Times)
Paul Marques---Dcomputer
Mike Martel---Debtriddin
Paul Martin---Marty2
Michel Massicotte---Mimass($100 Bv Trade)
Dave Maturo---Gretzky99
Chad McCord---Chadmccord
Nash McGowan---Crater_Satori
Kevin McGugan---Goo33
David McLaughlin---Evadrsix
Tom Messiner---Mize370
Joe Millard---Manthis(3 Times)
William Minnich---Scottsdale7711
Cole Mohr---Wildfan1833
Brendan Monka---Brendanmonka
Jay Moon---Unkabubba
Melanie Moreau---Wildstring21
Martin Morel---Jhduke
Mark Munday---Mundaym
Randy Ng---Crakapack
Houng Ngui---Quiet-things(Hi End Trade)
Tim Norris---Ginx86
Steve Oerton---Spidermeld(2 Times)
Shane Olson---Avalanche7777777
Trevor Oltsher---Howie10
Greg Parkington---Gregoryp
Alexandre Patry---Alexpatry
Jean Guy Perron---Gypsie(5 Times many $100-200 Bv Trades)
Bob Pinette---Pinner8(4 Times) 
Ian Price---P-Nut-Butr
Ken Priddle---Spriggs
Daniel Racicot---Selannefan8
Ron Ragsdale---Puckar
Guy Ripley---Kidkanada2005(Near $200 Bv trade)
Keith Ritchie---Ntg_sportscards($150+ Bv Trade)
Mike Ritter---Ritter(In Person)
Alex Rogers---Scooter(In Person)
Adrian Rosen---Arosen(3 Trades)
Marc Savard---Marc_S
Thomas Sheehan---Tom1835
Randy Schroeder---Articdog700
Tim Schick---Rookmyster
Luke Seguin---Coolhandluke
Tannie Sergeew---TannieS
Jesse Sheehan---Cygnusx1
Jeff Shewchuk---Gerjef99
Matt Sleeper---Sleep69
Scott Sobolewski---Scobes
Eric Spiece---Ericsnewmsn
Jeff Stead---Newf66(2Trades)
Dave Steinhauser---DaveS(17 Trades)
Walter Steinmacher---Steinwag(2 Times)
Jason Stevens---WPGSensfan(3 Times)
Dave Steves---Icefields
Wayne Stolz---Waynestolz
Kirby Stubbert---Dernam(4 Trades)
Chris Sutherland---Hockeydude94
Joe Szczur---Jcesar77
James Taylor---Tailscardceller
Martin Thieriault---Civicred182(2 Times)
Bryan Thomas---Bryjes
Fred Thompson---Nighthunter18(23 Times)
Robert Thompson---Bccwolvesrule44
David Tierney---Tierned
Joe Tierney---Flyerslod
Tony Toope---Leafsman
Jason Travis---Pensandtalbotfan22
Mark Tremblay---Blackpino
Shawn Turner---Sob66
Jeff Tyson---Xxjt13xx
Matthew Underwood---Djmd31
Ron Vajnar---Dale8junior
David Vallerand---Davidv(3 Times)
Chris Valley---Bruins91
Dan Vandermeer---Leaffandan(3 Times)
Janet Van Fossen---JD0253(4 Times)
John Van Kessel---Upwaysports
Luke Vermeer---Stajan41
Dwayne Walrod---Dwalrod
Brandon Warkentin---UltimateHockeyFan
Bram Waxman---Gosharksgo
Wayne's Sports Cards
Andrea Weeks---Aweeks
Weiser's Collectables
West's Spotrs Cards(19 Times)
Taylor Wheaton---Atlthrashers2
Don White---Doniceage(Hi End Trade)
Darren Williams---Darren47
Glenn Wills---Gwills
Mike Wilmon---Udprospect
Dave Wojick---Royaldragoncards(2 Times)
Doug Wood---Woodys(7 Times)
Bruce Wylie---Ookie 
Ronnie Wynn---BrewCrew8
Dylan Wynne---Jeffnipples(2 Times)
Joni Ylostalo---Pucks
Matt Zawadzki---Bretmichaels20
Nick Zinzola---Sbarnes41
Tony Zuback---Zuback
Juan Zuniga---Zunato


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