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LAST UPDATED: March 24, 2015

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-Member of Sports Card Forum since May 22, 2009 (Known as RockstarTrev)

-Member of CSCT Trading Group (2007-Present)

-Formerly a member of Beckett.com (2004-2008)
-Formerly a member of Hobby Insider (2007-2010)
-Formerly a member of Traders Retreat (2009-2010)
-Formerly a member of In The Crease Hockey Card Trading Group on Facebook(2009- 2012)


Trevs Trade Page is leaving the Hockey Card hobby. Cards listed on my traders, and PC pages are up for sale. If there is anything you may be interested in, let me know. Reasonable offers will be listened to. Lowball offers will be ignored

Hey All. Welcome to my revamped tradepage. Here you will find my Tradelist  

Since my wantlist is limited, and not quite a priority like it used to be(but will always listen to offers from the wantlist), I'll take a moment to break down exactly what I am looking for

 Super colecting Semyon Varlamov. Any and All. If it's not listed on my page or if it is a rarity or oddball from various games and events, let me know what you have and we could go from there

Also looking for ANYTHING from Russian players drafted first overall in the NHL Entry Draft(Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, Yakupov) and Leon Draisaitl (Highest drafted German born and trained player)

On top of collecting Hockey Cards, I also collect all things James Bond and The Joker. Email me with what you have and we can go from there.

I trade on Hi Beckett Bv ONLY. I don not trade based on SV or what you may have bought it for. If it is an unpriced piece, let me know what number you are putting on it. Lately, I have been trading in favor, reguardless of the deal. So chances are, I may not be looking for full Bv, just enough to turn what is on my tradelists into something different.

When Shipping, I use Bubble Mailers/Toploaders/Penny Sleeves/Team Bags, whatever card protection their is. I would ask the same courtesy be returned. In the instance of single card, low value trades, I will use a plain white envelope(PWE).

I have made well over 1100 successful trades, some topping and even surpassing the $500 Bv mark. If you are trading for the first time, or provide 20 or less references, I will insist that you send first. If I am asking you for references, please dont be offended, as I am only working on protecting both yours and my investments.

I DO NOT TRADE OVERSEAS. Not because it costs too much to ship outside North America, but because I have had too many instances where I have seen nothing from the other end.

Thanks to NPDTS (Not Priced Due To Scarcity) Cards, I will either rely on the the SP Guide(found in Beckett magazine), or in the rarest of instances, Ebay. I do feel tho, that agreeing on an equal number is always the better policy.

I do not hold cards as pending
, as I have had instances where ive held them for a lot longer then they should have been and missed out on alot of
good deals. Instead I believe in the first come first serve basis. Its just out of fairness. I mail out on Mondays and Thursdays only. Just so that I am not going to the post office everyday.

If I have anything you need/could use, drop me a line, my email address is provided. Always listening to offers. Updates on this page are made
frequently, so check back often. Dont hesitate to check out the Commons section of this page. 

PRIMARY EMAIL: trevstradepage@hotmail.com

Look forward to trading with you soon/again

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